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Отели Маврикий

Havens of elegance, peace and leisure

Since many years, the world of tourism in Mauritius has been a vital part of island life. Mauritius’ hotels have been built on pristine nature sites and unique landscapes. They are precious gems in the world of luxury hotels and welcome hundreds of thousands of tourists each year.

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Saint Regis Mauritius

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With exceptional beaches, vast lagoons with infinite shades of blue and the warm and welcoming attitude of its population, this tropical island is indeed an irresistible and paradisiacal holiday destination for visitors from all over the world. 


Mauritius’ impressive range of luxury hotels enjoys a high international reputation. No false modesty here, as these hotels indisputably rank amongst the best in the world.
Many hotels feature their own particular style, which may be classical, tropical, and contemporary or even conjure up memories of the long bygone days of the East India Company. All have in common, however, highest standards and offer luxury services tailored to suit even the most discerning traveller.
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 Hotels in Mauritius are veritable havens of peace and beauty imbued with elegance and refinement; most of them situated on top white sandy beaches, studded with palm- or casuarina trees.

 Holidaymakers hence enjoy a marvellous time;

                        surrounded by an ambiance of lush

                                 tropical beauty, sophisticated

                                                           services and 





Using exclusive and rare materials for the building and decoration of their establishments, local hosts often draw on the services of internationally renowned architects, interior designers and landscaping designers.

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Of course there are amazing culinary experiences to be made in Mauritian hotels 

The hotel spas are designed to match equally high standards. Run by well-trained therapists and cosmetologists, they use exclusive products of international standard.
So you might find yourself sitting in a couch designed by Kenzo, taking an acupuncture session with golden needles or playing golf on a course designed by the legendary Rodney Wright.
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The fusion created in local kitchens is nourished by the many cultures of the island, same as in the population itself. Mauritian cuisine is enhanced by an exquisite subtlety of spices and the harmony of ingredients contained in each dish presents a pleasant surprisefor the palate. 

By creating “signature” restaurants with menus designed by star-chefs, the Mauritian hotels have furthermore transformed their traditional local cuisine into real island gastronomy; featuring flavours and tastes of Mediterranean and Asian background.


As the hotels vary in size and concept, so does their individual infrastructure, as well as range of services, sports and leisure activities.

Visitors may thus select the one that suits them best. Honeymooners might want to enjoy and relax in a quiet "adult-only" hotel, where couples ready to tie the knot also have the opportunity of a romantic barefoot beach-wedding. Family-friendly hotels propose kid's-clubs, playgrounds and a whole range of age-appropriate activities. Visitors looking for a

beauty & health retreat, might choose a hotel where professional coaches, personalised diet and health-activities like yoga or Pilates are available. 

Hotels in Mauritius with
Hotels in Mauritius with
Hotels in Mauritius with


Hotels in Mauritius with

Hotels usually have their own boat-houses with water activities such as snorkelling, kayaking, water-skiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing and SUP.



Our selection consists of high-classed hotels with an impressive range of exclusive services. Their dedicated staff will go out of their way to welcome and pamper you; making your unique and sophisticated tropical island holiday an unforgettable experience.

Plan your sightseeing trip around the island with a personal guide

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