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Being a perfect holiday destination, Mauritius is equally known for its numerous high end spas, which are conveniently situated in luxury hotels throughout the island. 

in Mauritius

Like in any area of tourism in Mauritius, the spas outdo each other in exclusivity of treatments, expertise and friendliness of staff, sophisticated ambiance and sheer beauty.

Pampering yourself with exclusive beauty and health care treatments in some of the world’s leading spas during your stay in Mauritius, is a must. Hotel spas in Mauritius offer renowned international products such as Clarins, Valmont, Thémaé, ESPA or even Thal‘ion and reflect highest quality standards. All treatments are delivered by professional therapists and practitioners who have a perfect grasp of their craft and are supported by a discrete and devoted staff. 



Wooden structures overlooking infinity pools, charming huts in a tropical jungle, exotic bungalows on a palm-studded beach by the Indian Ocean; or even some “A Thousand and One Nights”-style suites with their own private gardens, interior lakes, and hot or cold water pools await you
The spas we propose have been implemented by experts and architects to exude harmony and serenity. Their surroundings have been carefully shaped to the point at which the environment itself charms you into total relaxation

In the midst of this sublime environment, there is an inter-play between traditional massage treatments, creative body wraps, Reiki, Pilates, yoga classes and tai-chi on the beach. Light meals and revitalising cocktails help you make it through your treatment schedule. 


Many luxury spas in Mauritius furthermore provide detox programmes and slimming treatments. Personalised fitness or slimming treatments are usually monitored by a coach.


and top technologies from all over the world

In Mauritian Luxury Spas, ancestral traditions derived from the four corners of the world are harmoniously weaved in with the latest technology and adapted to fit highest standards. Fans of spa rituals will be transported around the world under expert hands kneading and smoothing in Swedish, Thai, Indonesian or Balinese style. Ayurvedic Shirodhara, Japanese Acupuncture and Moroccan Hamam are further highlights presented in elegant spa menus and on state-of-the-art massage beds.


 conceptualised by world-class laboratories

Spas in Mauritius propose skin care treatments which rejuvenate your skin and give it back its natural radiance and tonicity. The world’s leading brands compete in relaxing, hydrating and reinvigorating your skin and advanced international massage techniques contribute to optimal results.

"Made in Mauritius" 


Most spas offer tempting signature treatments including hot stone massage with exotic oils and elixirs; flower baths with petals of the most beautiful tropical flowers, or even amazing beauty treatments created from 4 teas. Cabins are often equipped with outdoors-showers and outfitted for seawater therapy or algae-treatments, flower and rassul baths. 

We have carefully selected the most precious for you:

___Spa Clarins @ Dinarobin 

___Spa Thémaé @ Sofitel Mauritius 

___Thal‘ion Sea Spa @ Long Beach Resort

If you choose to book your holiday with EMOCEAN, our expert team will be happy to cater for your needs. We will be there for you 24/7 and assist you to design, plan and realise your own precious dream of a holiday in paradise.


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